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Cooking Classes

1,5/2,5 Hours
  There is no better way to get to know a culture than through its food! Experience the local gastronomic secrets, shown by a Nicaraguan woman...
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Mombacho Zip-Lining

2,5 hours
This is the Number 1 Zip-line in Nicaragua. It is a 2km tour in a safe environment with experienced guides; 11 cables and suspension bridges...
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Best of Masaya

9-10 hours
Folklore, culture, nature, views and history will be your program. This is the tour you need if you don´t have a lot of time. This one day tour...
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Mombacho’s Secrets

6-7 hours
If you want to get to know what Nicaragua truly is like, this trip is made for you! Get off the beaten path on Mombacho’s southern side and...
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Volcano Biking and Pueblos Blancos

7-8 hours
Bike around Laguna of Apoyo. Enjoy viewpoints from the edge of the volcano crater. Visit the famous Pueblos Blancos: discover the “Garden ...
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Granada’s Isletas Tour

3-4 hours
Buena is offering to you the most popular tour in Granada in an unforgettable, pleasant and fun way. 365 islets, known as Isletas of Granada, are...
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Day Trip to Laguna de Apoyo

From 10am til 4pm
Want to get away from the city heat and spend a beautiful day in the Laguna de Apoyo, warmest and cleanest lake in Central America? Hostel...
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Rural tourism Laguna de Apoyo

24 hours and more
Plunge into the community of the Laguna de Apoyo. Spend one night at a family’s home, share delicious meals and participate in traditional...
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Volcano Tour

3 hours
Have you ever looked into the mouth of an active volcano? If you are not afraid of looking directly into the vibrant heart of mother nature then...
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Laguna Adventure

5 hours
Laguna de Apoyo is the warmest and cleanest volcano crater lake in Central America. Hike along the lake’s shore and discover the jungle with an...
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Hike Mombacho Volcano

3-5 hours
The Mombacho Volcano is one of the most famous volcanoes in Nicaragua and worth a visit. It is also a great hiking spot for those who want to...
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